Why Don’t Recurrence Words Work?

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I have attached two screen shots from a model I am trying to create. The problem I have is using Recurrence Words (PREV and THIS for example).

The Matrix data was created via DataLink from a two dimensional matrix. This was created by importing data from Excel.

The Matrix model was delinked but the Year category may not have been. I enabled the time series on this category.

My question is why do RECURRENCE WORDS not seem to work with the setup I have when I compare this to the setup that Quantrix used in its sample model for integrated financial statements.

The error message in the screen shot of my model says that the names for the cells can only be used with categories and groups. As you can see the name CASH, Beginning Balance is part of the category CF Accounts. In the formula it puts this name in quotes. When I look at the sample model provided by Quantrix for integrated financial statements I don’t see any difference between the setup of that model and my model as noted on the screen shots attached.

The RECURRENCE WORDS work for their model but not mine yet I don’t see any difference with the way the items are setup under theirs and my model.

I am using Qv 5.3.7 on Mac in case this matters.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Oops, Year[THIS] was skipped in the left-hand sides of the formulas.
So, provided that your model has the Year category, formula 1 will be:

  • ‘CASH, Beginning Balance’:Year[THIS] = ‘CASH, Ending Balance’:Year [PREV] + Change in cash

Or it will be, if the items will be renamed:

  • CASH Beginning BalanceYear[THIS] = CASH Ending Balance:Year [PREV] + Change in cash
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