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I am developing a financial model where a lot of value breakdowns must be presented, so I decided to tweak the stacked bar chart in QM in order to produce a waterfall chart (see attached screen shot).
I would like to share the example model here attached.
You will find a simple Income statement breakdown.
One can change the statement items and summary formulas for margins.
The only additional manual input required concerns the specification of value types in the column next to values:
– "e" is for expenses and revenues, that are displayed "hanging" in the chart;
– "m" is for margins, displayed starting from zero.
In the supporting matrix, there a lot of helper columns where charted data are prepared. One should not bother about those formulas, but consider that if you add columns to the matrix, the graph settings will change and unrequested bars may show up.
I had to sort out some problems with items that change the sign of the running total. Their bars must be split into a positive and a negative piece. There is also an expression in the chart settings for displaying item values at the right place of the bar.




According to Luca’s model I have made the my version of chart. Purpose: to show QM possibilities for creation of more attractive charts suitable for publications in specialized magazines. I have taken Luca’s chart colors to make it easier comparing two versions of one chart.

Highlights: label’s text format and way to display chart labels.


Hi S a u,
you improved a lot on my example both in the formulas and the presentation!
Thanks for the very useful tips on chart formatting.

Kind regards,

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