Creating Custom Bins in Number Format

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I want to create Custom Bins to re-label the Date column imported from an Excel csv file for sorting. The Date is imported in the format mm/dd/yyyy and I want to reformat Date to only mm.

I accomplished this on importing the Date as an Integer. Then I want to create Custom Bins for each month converting the mm integer format to the text format. Ex. Custom Bin would be set to label the number 4 as Apr.

I add a column for Custom Bins and set up the bins but and when I click OK it works. However, as soon as I click anything else, all the Custom Bin labels revert to the default ‘Other’. It will not save.

Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong?? Attached is the Excel and model files. Thanks.

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Hi TNicolle,
IMHO, your problem is solving by means of Custom format for the Date Item with ‘mmm’ date format string (see Data Table).
BUT, if the use of a bins is the strict requirement, see 2D Data Matrix::BinType group. It have two types of bins.
N.B. In CVS files for importing of dates QM strict likes such date format string: YYYY-MM-DD.

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