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I need suggestions on the best system configurations for running complex Quantrix models.

Currently, I am using Quantrix for Portfolio Analysis on a custom made Dell Precision T7810 Desktop with 32 GB RAM, 64- bit operating system, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v3 @ 2.40GHZ processor.
Each modification in the Quantrix model takes around 40 minutes to compute and freezes every application during this period. The model currently has 351 Million Calculations and uses 26 GB RAM for every small change.

I would like to get a system that can compute the models in less than 10 minutes. Please suggest the max configuration that the Quantrix can handle or utilize.

Thank you


Hi Vishnu,
You may wish to check Tools>Options>General. In here you can up the maximum memory allocation for the Quantrix App.
Additionally, you may wish to experiment with the various calculation settings in Tools>Calculation>Calculation Settings. Depending on the structure of the model, a different calculation strategy may result in better calculation performance. One factor that often affects calculation is models with very heavy use of recursion such as PREV, NEXT, FIRST etc. Also check for circular references and ensure that appropriate iteration settings are set.
Kind Regards,

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