Incompatibility the ClearError() with the Join()

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Hi all,

FYI. [b:3ogmvrrq]ClearError()[/b:3ogmvrrq] can not catch an [u:3ogmvrrq]error-value[/u:3ogmvrrq] from [b:3ogmvrrq]Join()[/b:3ogmvrrq] and can not display [u:3ogmvrrq]replacement-value[/u:3ogmvrrq].

For details, see the model file. The model is rather simple and self-explanatory. You need to enter the Start and End. If Start will be greater then End, then QM should display Alert 3 times in the Report items group. This is exactly what QM does, except the item SubSales.

I wonder whether will be any response from the QM-team or not?

See the model file: [b:3ogmvrrq]QM5.3.7 Incompatibility the ClearError() with the Join(). SAU[/b:3ogmvrrq]

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The formula below will achieve the desired effect.

[code:1ldaa5dz]SubSales = ClearError( Join( clearerror(SubList( M1::Sales, Start, End ), Alert ),","), Alert )[/code:1ldaa5dz]



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