Common-sized Calcuations

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I have a feeling I’m going to feel really foolish when I the solution.

I’ve hit a mental block on the formula for common sizing a simple P&L that I’ve attached.

I’ve tried two variations and yield the same results. The output is [b:233rsrt0]CORRECT[/b:233rsrt0], but not only does the formula not look right, the formula is being flagged.

I’m using version 6. If you have not upgraded, I will add a second message below for the screenshot. This forum does not appear to allow more than one file attachment.

Yes, I’m preparing myself to be embarrassed when I see the right solution.

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Hi Mark,
I looked at your QM6’s model screenshot.
By itself, the formula number 3 is very simple. IMHO, it can and should be written in this form:
Percent to Revenue = Actuals / Actuals:Sales

S A U Changed status to publish October 30, 2018
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