Yellow Diamond Error/Alert

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I am working on a model have run into a small error message. I have a matrix that has the revenue results for 10 sales accounts across 3 geographies and 4 years. I would like to try to calculate the percentage that each geography represents and have set up a formula in the editor to try and do this. However, I am getting a little yellow diamond error and a message that I have “too few items” on the left side of my equation.

Is there a solution to eliminating the error message?

Thanks very much,



Thanks Els. It worked.

I can see I still have lots of learning to do.



Dear Jonathan,

You need to specify which WW sum needs to be the denomenator of your fraction. Your getting a warning because WW sum exists for both % and Rev. If you edit your formula to read as follows: “% = Rev / Rev:WW Sum” it should work for you.

Let us know in case you have any further questions.

Kind regards,