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Does anyone know the status on plugins? Doesn’t seem to be anything about plugins on the Quantrix site anymore.

In particular I’m wondering about the Marketdata plugin. I think that’s the one that pulled financial data from Yahoo Finance.

I’ve been using this plugin for years in Quantrix on Windows. I’m moving to Quantrix on OSX but I’m not sure if I need an OSX version of the plugin or if I can use the existing (if I can figure out where it’s store on Windows)




Somebody, anybody?

I have many models that use this plug-in on my windows version of Quantrix. But I can’t move them to OSX unless I have a working copy of this free plug-in.

Does anyone have a OSX version of the free Quantrix Marketdata plug-in? Please contact me with the forum private message service.


I tried the windows version of the plugin with OSX Q5 but it doesn’t seem to work. Not sure if it’s problem with the plugin or that Q5 no longer supports plugins.

Is anyone using the Market data plugin with their OSX version of Quantrix? If so, please contact me using the forum private message service. I’d like to arrange to get a copy of this free plugin.

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