Production Planning Model

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Attached is a Quantrix Production Planning model.

Whilst I realise that the formulae in this model will not work because they are not applied to categories or groups, but are instead applied to items, when I create categories to apply the formulae it makes the model too complex and messy.

You will see from the formulae what I want to do. Mathematically, the model is very powerful and it would be a great aid to many small manufacturing businesses for production planning purposes

Is there a simpler way to write the formulae to achieve the same result?

Please refer to my comments in the note section of the Model Browser dialog box.

Also, I wanted to calculate only the positive result of equation 2) and 5) in the Editor, but there is no function in Quantrix to calculate positive only values. Please refer to my notes in the formulae.

Suggestion: Quantrix should have 2 new functions “positive” and “negative” to calculate only positive or only negative results. This is very important in inventory management models so that stock on hand and production quantities do not become negative.


Hi Frank – Thanks for your post:

You can accomplish recursion in your formulas by utilizing the existing Week category in your model. I have modified the formulas in the attached model file for your review.

You may also be able to accomplish the Positive and Negative functions with the MAX and MIN functions.

You comments in formulas #2 and #5 were exactly the same, so we were a bit unsure of the intent of these formulas, but I think this should get you closer to a working model for you.

Please post again if you need further assistance.