Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows and Mac, from Webhelp

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The keyboard shortcuts for windows and mac are in the Quantrix Webhelp, in a more friendly format – search on "keyboard" to find the help topics from Quantrix
Webhelp is currently at: … antrix.htm

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Tip: You can use keyboard shortcuts on the menu. To enable the keyboard shortcuts on the menu, press the Alt key and you will see the underscore characters (where used) for the menus:

File Commands
Operation Shortcut
File > Close CTRL + F4
File > New Default Model CTRL + N
File > Open CTRL + O
File > Print CTRL + P
File > Save CTRL + S

Edit Commands
Operation Shortcut
Edit > Copy CTRL+C
Edit > Cut CTRL+X
Edit > Delete Delete
Edit > Find CTRL+F
Edit > Paste CTRL+V
Edit > Select All CTRL+A
Edit > Redo CTRL+Y
Edit > Undo CTRL+Z
Underline CTRL+U

Selection Commands
Operation Shortcut
Extend selection up one cell SHIFT+up arrow
Extend selection to first row SHIFT, ALT+up arrow
Extend selection up one page SHIFT+PAGE UP
Extend selection down one cell SHIFT+down arrow
Extend selection to last row SHIFT, ALT+down arrow
Extend selection down one page SHIFT+PAGE DOWN
Extend selection one left SHIFT+left arrow
Extend selection to the first cell ALT+SHIFT+HOME
Extend selection to first column SHIFT, ALT+left arrow orSHIFT+HOME
Extend selection one page left SHIFT, ALT+PAGE UP
Extend selection one right SHIFT+right arrow
Extend selection to last column SHIFT, ALT+right arrow orSHIFT+END
Extend selection one page right SHIFT, ALT+PAGE DOWN
Enter value and move down one cell Down arrow
Enter value and move up one cell Up arrow
Enter value and move right one cell Right arrow or TAB
Enter value and move left one cell Left arrow or SHIFT+TAB
Move to first row ALT+up arrow
Move to last row ALT+down arrow
Move to first cell ALT+HOME
Move to first column ALT+left arrow or HOME
Move to last column ALT+right arrow or END
Move up one page PAGE UP
Move left one page ALT+PAGE UP
Move down one page PAGE DOWN
Move right one page ALT+PAGE DOWN

Other Commands
Operation Shortcut
Presentation Canvas: nudge object 10 spaces Shift+arrow keys
Presentation Canvas: nudge object one space arrow keys
Model Browser: change order of matrices, chart views, table views CTRL+up arrow
CTRL+down arrow
Formula editor: change order of formulas CTRL+up arrow
CTRL +down arrow
Matrix and table view: create a linked category Click & drag category tile
Insert new item or category (after existing.) Select existing item or category tile, then pressENTER.
Insert new item or category (before existing.) Select existing item or category tile, then pressSHIFT+ENTER.
Move item up or left CTRL+up arrow or CTRL+left arrow
Move item down or right CTRL+down arrow orCTRL+right arrow
Open/Close Model Browser ALT+B (toggles)
Close all views CTRL+H
Open Help F1
Open and close format toolbox. F3
Recalculate F9
Recalculate All Shift + F9
Add Group CTRL+G
UnGroup CTRL+Shift+G
Scripting Console CTRL+Shift+C
Output Console CTRL+Shift+O
Script Manager CTRL+Shift+M

Apple Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Operation Shortcut
File > Close CMD + W
File > New CMD + N
File > Open CMD + O
File > Print CMD + P
File > Save CMD + S
File > Save As CMD + SHIFT + S
Cut CMD + X
Copy CMD + C
Paste CMD + V
Undo CMD + Z
Redo CMD + Y
Reorder Formula CMD + Arrow Keys
Reorder Item CMD + Arrow Keys
Open Format Toolbox F3
Open Help F1
Rotate 3D chart CMD – Click and Drag
Add item or category Enter
Add item or category before existing Shift-Enter
Run console script CMD + Enter
Show scripting console CMD + Shift + C
Show scripting output console CMD + Shift + O
Activate code completion (scripting) Ctrl + Spacebar
Show Script Manager CMD + Shift + M
Make copy of an object on a canvas CMD + Click and drag
Make a copy of a view in Model Browser ALT + Click and drag

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