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I am trying to understand Using As and Select functions for arranging the data in a single Row to multiple columns.
In the model attached there were 3 matrix: Accounts( information about accounts: A, B, C, D, E, F) Consumption( monthly consumption values), Monthly Consumption( Sorted data from Consumption matrix based on comparison of months and Account ID.

Please suggest the changes required in the formulas or suggest best practice to get the result.

Thank you

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Attached is a model with three different solutions.

Monthly Consumption Select
Monthly Consumption Using As
Monthly Consumption Datalink

As far as best practices, there are multiple ways to do this in Quantrix so depending on your case the best-case could vary. Nonetheless, I suppose the best-case in all cases is to have Account and Month be Categories (Dimensions). This leverages the power of Quantrix instead of treating Quantrix like a traditional two-dimensional spreadsheet.

Hope this helps.


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