Copy Data from Datalink to New Matrices

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Solved4.18K viewsDataLink

I am using Data Link to connect to my database and import data. After importing the data I have applied different filters to eliminate unnecessary data. I am trying to copy this filtered data in to a new matrix and when ever i update my datalink i want the new matrix also to be updated, but linking the columns is resulting in transferring unfiltered data in to a new matrix.
Is there any procedure to connect filtered data obtained from Database to a newmatrix?

Thank you

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Hi Lopez,
Thanks for the solution. This solution works for filtering the required data in to a new matrix, but when i am linking this new matrix to a another matrix the number of rows are not same.

I am using SQL work bench to obtain required population and the i am importing it to Quantrix.

Also In Quantrix Filtering in one matrix does not automatically filter the matrices linked to it.


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