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I am using Data Link to connect to my database and import data. After importing the data I have applied different filters to eliminate unnecessary data. I am trying to copy this filtered data in to a new matrix and when ever i update my datalink i want the new matrix also to be updated, but linking the columns is resulting in transferring unfiltered data in to a new matrix.
Is there any procedure to connect filtered data obtained from Database to a newmatrix?

Thank you


Per Mike’s invitation “If anyone else has a different way to approach this question don’t hesitate to post.” I have the following.

Solution: RichFilter Helper Example
1. Create a filters matrix.
2. Then create helper items in the Database Matrix that reference the fitlers matrix (see the yellow items).
3. Once step 3 complete, create a datalink with a Two Dimensional Matrix Data source that references the Database matrix in step 2.
3. Bring in as a Multip-dimensional matrix those helper columns created in step 2.
4. Once the datalink brings back a new matrix apply a filter that excludes the !Blank

See Data Matrix under the RichFilter Helper Example as the Example.
Changing the inputs in the Filters matrix then updating the datalink creates the desired output. This eliminates the need for DataPush and DataNAV.
Solution: Rich DataNav Two DimensionalExample
Another solution I have instead of using the Datapush to DataNAV as demonstrated by Mike is simple to Use DataNAV and have the source for DataNAV be a two dimensional matrix.

1. In Data Sources Pane select Data Source Wizard
2. Select DataNAV Local Data Source
3. Two Dimensionla Matrix Data
4. Browse to this same file
5. Select A (Database Matrix)
6. Headers as the Category to Use as the Column Category
7. Give this a name
8. Drag and drop like you would in Mike’s example using DataNAV.

This saves you from creating an h2 database somewhere, but functions more or less the same as Mike’s example.
Good Luck.

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