Copy Data from Datalink to New Matrices

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I am using Data Link to connect to my database and import data. After importing the data I have applied different filters to eliminate unnecessary data. I am trying to copy this filtered data in to a new matrix and when ever i update my datalink i want the new matrix also to be updated, but linking the columns is resulting in transferring unfiltered data in to a new matrix.
Is there any procedure to connect filtered data obtained from Database to a newmatrix?

Thank you

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Hi – one way to approach this is via our DataPush and DataNAV products.

You can use DataPush to push the database data into a local data store that can be used by DataNAV, then use DataNAV to bring in the data with the filters desired. See attached model.

The Database matrix has the datapush assigned to it… and Matrix4 has the DataNAV.

This may be a bit more than can be easily explained via a forum post. I think you are trialing the software? Perhaps we could set up an on-line demo in the near future. We should have some availability to do this next week. In the meantime please refer to the DataLink, DataPush and DataNAV products in the on-line documentation for ideas.

If anyone else has a different way to approach this question don’t hesitate to post.

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