Importing Data From Excel To Designated Columns

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I would like to know if when importing a csv file to Quantrix it is possible to designate the row?

The model I want to create will update the monthly actual balances for each month and I want to know if I can import directly to the month in question. For example, is it possible to import say July actual numbers to the the column with July in Quantrix that say is actual column 7 of the model?

Thanks very much.



Hey Tom,

Shout out to Rich for his video on this, check out the second half of the video to see his explanation in action:






I’ll try to explain generally how I typically setup models to do as you have described. I typically would have two matricies.

Matrix1 would be a data table with the csv import. If I were pulling in actuals month to month I would expect to see this table grow in row count over time. This table would need to have the following columns: MetricName(Actuals I suppose in this case), month, year.

Matrix2 would be my calculations or reporting table. Here I would have categories year, month, and metrics. I would then use a simple "using as" statement to link the items in Matrix1 to the categories in Matrix2.

Generally this is how I do it. If you have a model that you’d like to post that may be more helpful to walk you through what I am saying.


Rich Lopez

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