Importing Excel csv files

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Hello everyone,
I have a simple question for you but not for me.
I want to import and excel file to Quantrix. When I select the default options to set it up and when I import I get an error message that says there is a conflict with the row.row category and cannot import type of message.

What I want to do is import an excel version of an income statement from Simply Accounting so that the first column is used for the row description but what I get is the column of the matrix that would be the row description says Row1, Row2 etc. and the income statement descriptions are in the first column of the matrix. Can anyone tell me what I have to do to import the csv file so that the text descriptions are where they should be as the category names in the matrix?
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.



Mike thanks for this. I cannot post the file as it contains confidential client information.
What I did do is a search of the spreadsheet for the word "row" and what came up was one hit with the word "row" in it. However it was part of the name "Brown" in a line item description. That was the only instance of "row" in the file. Does this mean that any time a word contains the word "row" like this example there will be a conflict with importing the data of the entire csv sheet? Also are there any other words to be aware of like "category" that could also cause this problem? And finally, what other problems with words could there be? I was importing to a new blank matrix with only one cell in it at the time – the top left corner cell. Thanks very much.

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