Filter on Grouping

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I have a category "Region". Region has two-level grouping. Groups are: North America, South America,….. Within each group, there are countries. North America has Canada, US… South America has Argentina, Brazil… If I put "Region" to the filter tray, I can only filter on country. Is there a way to set up the filter based on North America, South America?




I think I understand what you are asking and the short answer is I don’t think that is possible. I’ve an attached model though with a potential work around.

Consider the 3 matrices on the attached model:

Mapping: This lists each country and the associated Area (N.A., S.A.).
Filter Helper: This has the Area that you want to filter on.
Filtered Matrix: using an if statement whatever is selected in the "Filter Helper" matrix is filtered here to show (I’m using hide empty rows).

Therefore changing the drop down on Filter Helper "Filters" the display on Filtered Matrix based off the mapping in the "mapping" matrix.

As a side "The Ask" matrix is what you are asking on how to filter originally. Please let the board know if you have further questions.