Combining entered values and calculated values in a matrix

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I often work on financial projections, as I’m sure other Quantrix users must do also.

Normally, I have some historical information, say in the P&L, and I want to project future P&L values.

I have 2015 YTD P&L, so I only have values for Jan-Mar. I’d like to somehow use Quantrix to leave historical values in the spreadsheet if known (Jan-Mar), and if blank, use formulas to calculate values (Apr-Dec).

Ideally, the viewer could see which cells have calculated data – perhaps using italics, and which were entered values.

Is there a way to do this?

I wondered about using 2 matrices – one with historical information (where known) and another ‘presentation’ matrix. The cells in the ‘presentation’ matrix would use values from the historical matrix, if known, and otherwise calculate values. This seems a bit clunky for such an elegantly designed tool, though.

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