Time Periods Calculation

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I have created a TimePeriods matrix where I have entered additional (meta) items for future model use.

In a separate matrix, I want to enter a data representing the last period actuals have been entered.

In the TimePeriods matrix, I want my Date item to self-populate with a 1 or a 0. (1 = actual data is populated in the model, 0 = no actual data in the model).

As a new user, 1) I’m probably making this too hard, and 2) there are probably other ways to better address my requirement.

For now, I’d just like to nail down the structure of the model of the above. I’ve also included a spreadsheet which shows an example.

If I cannot add 2 attachments to a question, I’ll add my Quantrix model in this post. I’ll add the xls file in the second post.

Sorry if this is too easy of a question (warning: I’ll have more).



And here is the XLS file as mentioned in my message above.

I think the Excel file better conveys the ultimate objective.


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