Issues Updating MS Access ODBC Connection

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I’m current updating a set of models from another user, and these models use a ODBC connection to an MS Access 2007/2010 database. As part of the update process, I’ve been changing the connection properties, changing the file reference to a new Access file. When testing the connection for this new Access database, I get an error message (see attachment)…the confusing part of this issue is that there are three different ODBC data connections in these models for the same database (connecting to different data tables), and I have been able to successfully update the file references/connections for the other two connections. Also, the Access database structure was not changed between the old database used previously in the models and the new database I am connecting to for data links. I’ve gone back into the Access databases and confirmed that all the data structure is the same…help!



Hi – thanks for posting.

Integration with Access is a tricky one for us. There are some non-standard things that Access does that doesn’t always play well with what we are doing in Quantrix. We generally have more success with other SQL compliant databases that support JDBC connections like SQL Server, MySQL and the like.

It is a bit odd that two of the Access connections work but this one does not.

I am not sure if you are a customer or on support / maintenance agreement but if you are you can contact our technical support desk at You will need to supply the model file and the access database in question if possible in order for us to troubleshoot more fully.

If anyone else in the Quantrix forum community has had success with Access connections or have run into this issue before please feel free to post.

Sorry I am not more help on this one.


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