Collapse / Expand

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Often I want to ‘collapse other’ in a category to simplify input. I then want to ‘expand’ all those items in just that category so that I can select a different item from that category and ‘collapse other’ again.

Why isn’t there a pop-up menu that lets you ‘expand all’ for just the items in the category that you’re working on. The graphic focus equivalent is too small of a collapsed box and takes too much time to get correct (too frustrating) too use for this purpose (when it actually works). Make a menu item for it…at least.


If I understand your comment/request, I too would value a simple way to collapse and expand right in the table view – like a small plus/minus icon where rows can expand or collapse (similar to an Excel Pivot table).

But I also realize this may be next to impossible from a programming point of view.


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