Is it possible to merge categories?

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Hello all,
Looking to get some input or ideas as to how to handle my issue. I’m working on splitting our SE model into two: AT and MS. Here is my problem… the splitting part is easy. I have datalinked directly to the other and can get info from each of the two.

The problem is trying to roll up both models so i can total metrics. They both have the same structure. What i need to do is merge the ATGEO category and the MSGEO category together, each having 4 level groupings.

I can easily add them to one matrix but you cant stack the two categories. Anyone run into this and have any suggestions on what i could do? I hope this explained what i need.


Hi – there is no ‘out of the box’ functionality that you could do this, but you could build the category via DataLink.

Step 1 would be to build a DataLink from the matrix that has the ATGEO category… and build it as a category in the new matrix.

Step 2 would be to edit the same DataLink, but redirect it to point to the matrix with the MSGEO category… and have the item contents merge into the same category in the new matrix.

Not super smooth as you have to keep editing the datalinks… but does build you a single category with the items from two different categories. I attached a small prototype model demonstrating the concept.

If someone else has a different approach feel free to chime in…