USING AS with source from a multi-dimensional table

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I am new to Quantrix and am building some moderately complex models. I have modeling in other dimensional tools. I have a matrix that calculates various things for different tranches over a relative time scale. That is, Tranche 1 starts in Y1, Tranche 2 starts in Y2, etc. I tell the matrix how the relative Tranche/Year maps to the fiscal year. I then want to accumulate based upon the fiscal year for the combination of tranches and relative years.

I have tried the select and the USING AS and it does not return the correct information. Any ideas on how to sum across multiple dimensions using the virtual dimension that connects to the summary table(fiscal year)? The summary matrix is very simple, two dimension with the P&L/Fiscal year.


In this particular model the following formula will work:

Test Cashflow = sum(select(‘NEW Crop P&L’::Net Cashflow:Sum of Crops,”Y”&#’NEW Crop P&L’::Year,TimeKey::))

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