Problems with timelines: no autocalc and error with "IN …"

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Hi everybody,
while converting a model in order to use timelines (v. 5.1.2) I encountered two problems:
1) when a formula in a calculation matrix with a timeline refers to data in another source matrix with an unlinked timeline, values are computed correctly, but if you change data in the source matrix, the calculated values in the calculation matrix are not updated on auto recalc => one has to force a Recalculate all
2) there are problems referring data from a source matrix in an unlinked timeline with formulas containing "IN …" clauses; errors are raised.
You can find some examples in the attachment


Hi Luca – thank you for the post. This is good timing as over the next couple of weeks we are doing a development sprint to address Timeline issues for our next desktop release. I have asked our engineering group to review this post as part of their analysis. Thank you.

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