how to write 2+2=4 in quantrix? simple question!

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Hello, I would like to show off quantrix to some
people, and am wondering if someone could
tell me how to do some simple things. For instance,
how does one write a simple addition question?
How would I write 2 + 2 = 4 across some
cells? I’m so used to excel (where you start
a formula with using a plus sign).
I know there is a lot of excellent help available
out there for quantrix, and I’ve read a lot of it,
but, would appreciate some simple help. Thanks.


The attached file shows how to do this simple addition. Matrix1 does it with an “item-based” formula:

B3 = B1 + B2

and Matrix2 does it with a “cell-based” formula:

C2:D5 = C2:D3 + C2:D4

Note that the “item-based” formula also calculates 3+3 in the second column, but you must add a second “cell-based” formula to calculate 3+3 in Matrix2.

As you build models in Quantrix, you will find it is much more efficient to write “item-based” formulas (or even “category-based” formulas), but it is always possible to write “cell-based” formulas if need be.

To begin writing a formula, you can click on an element such as an item or a cell for which you want to calculate, and hit the “=” key.



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