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Let us use the example provided by quantrix :
http://www.quantrix.com/help_resources/ … ources.htm

The link about example is about
1) joining 2 tables ( tbl orders and tbl customers )
2) modifying sql with table (tbl orders extended).

Column in table tbl orders :
>Orders id
>Customers id

Column in table tbl customers:
>Cust Types id
>Customers id
>Country id

Column in table tbl orders extended:
>All rows
>orders extended id
>orders id
>products id
>Sale Price
>Extend price
>Customers id (let’s consider customers id also exist in this table)

3 of the tables above have the column ‘Customers id’ so they could able to join together.

The example trying to add custom column in table tbl orders extended ‘ adjusted sales price = sale price*1.05’

However, in my case I would like :
sale price * Country id (in table tbl customers) * Date (in table tbl orders)

Any suggestion for the problem above ?


Hi – Thanks for posting. I am fairly certain you can only create a custom field from data in the same table. Doing cross table joins within custom fields would be a nice feature that we can consider in a future release.

If anyone else has a different approach that could help feel free to post.



Thank you so much for your reply.

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