beginner question : V-lookup problem

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Hi ,

I am a beginner to Quantrix.
I’ve read many lookup function like select / using as in the website.
However, when I was trying to do something like excel v-lookup. I have no idea at all :
Matrix 1 with category Colour :
Red 1
Blue 2
Green 3
Yellow 4

Matrix 2 with lookup category:
Blue x
Green x

I type using as / select formula and try to get blue x = 2 and green x = 3; however, both of them do not work.

Anyone could give advice me on this ?


It’s best if you provide a sample model or at least your actual formulas. Have you looked at the Online Documentation and Sample Models? They are not great, but there is enough information to get you started.

To answer your question, please see the example model. Is this what you’re looking for?

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