OS X Keyboard Shortcuts ?

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Hmmm … Appendix A (Keyboard Shortcuts) in the Help File for Quantrix 1.2 seems to be missing. Does anyone have a list of said shortcuts? :)


I think all major tasks should have keyboard shortcuts… from bringing up inspectors to adding formulas… I’m finding that I am using up too much time mousing around.



Couple more I missed:

Enter – When selected item or category, Add item or category

Shift-Enter – When selected item or category, add item or category prior to existing

F1 – Open Help

F3 – Open Format Toolbox

CMD – Click and Drag – Rotates 3D chart



Hello Kyle – Thanks for the post: I will check out the help file issue but here is my list: Please chime in if anyone has suggestions for others:

Undo – CMD + Z
Redo – CMD + Y
Copy – CMD + C
Cut – CMD + X
Paste – CMD + V
New File – CMD + N
Open File – CMD + O
Save File – CMD + S
Print File – CMD + P
Reorder Formula – CMD + Arrow Keys
Reorder Item – CMD + Arrow Keys


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