why does "Skip"-ing a summary item cause a timeline warning?

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I am building a model and would like to modify the month salary value by a certain % each 1st month of the year.

In Salary, the calculation behaves as expected. But in ‘Salary with Skip’, if I simply add a summary item Sum of Months to the items to skip, it gives me the warning message "This formula is unable to use the new timeline ranges". And the calculation results in all zeros.

For the life of me I can’t understand what is happening. Can anybody explain what’s going on please?


Thanks for the explanation. Now it makes sense, although I would still argue that to the average user, the eclipses are actually not descriptive at all. To me it says "something is probably wrong… guess what it is?".

Would it be possible to provide clearer warning messages than the generic eclipse? At the very least you could illustrate some examples in your documentation of when such eclipses would happen and why you would actually [i:20kinygb]want[/i:20kinygb] them in some cases.


As I understand it there is some logic in timeline recursion to automatically skip summary items. By putting a manual skip in the recursion formula that impacts the formula calculation. There is probably a more technical explanation but basically the manual skip impedes the recursion formula from skipping the summary items correctly in a timeline dimension.

IMO leaving eclipses in a formula is OK. I find them descriptive and helps understand what is going on in the formula logic.