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Hi guys,

Feels like a ridiculous question given the power of Quantrix but would be nice if there is a solution !!

If for whatever reason I have a long string of text in a cell, at present it seems to only display as much text as the width of the cell. Assuming there is nothing in the adjacent cell can Quantrix display the text like MS Excel would, ie the text continues over into the next cell(s) until the string either ends or meets a cell which is non-blank?



Hi Ashley – thanks for the post.

Your observation is a good one and I think this would be a good improvement for Quantrix.

As you indicated Quantrix is very powerful but there are areas that could use improvement particularly around the UI of the application. While we have not committed a date, a Quantrix desktop release focused on improving the user experience is on the horizon and this feedback is helpful as we plan our future product releases.


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