how to write science formulas in quantrix? like e=mc2?

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I was wondering if someone knows how to write
science formulas in Quantrix? Like E=mc2 or

I found one that I was trying to write, but I don’t
know how. It is to figure out ‘wind chill’.

The windchill formula is:


(I hope that comes out ok, I am trying to write
that formula, over 22.04

Te=the wind chill in celsius

V=wind speed in meters per second

T=air temperature

I am wondering if someone could tell me how
this is written? Do you put it all on one line?



Attached is a model file containing the formula and some values for T and V. Note that one formula is calculating all the results.

The formula posted here seems to not be correct, so I did a bit of research and came up with an alternative formula which gives more reasonable results.

Regardless of the formula construction, you can see in this model file how to construct a wind chill formula in Quantrix.

Thank you for your posts…


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