Model licensing

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I saw something similar asked awhile ago but I thought I would bring it up again. I’m finding the licensing of Quantrix is preventing me from using Quantrix as a solution in many cases. The free viewer and Qloud options only allow for viewing. To make even a cell entry change requires a paying version of Quantrix. I would like to see the free version allow for cell entry changes but without any model changes. What I really want to do is produce a model with a canvas front end that might have a graph or a table and and also some input cells or maybe one of the input widgets. I don’t really need a user to move categories around, or even view any of the matrices outside of the canvas page.

I’m finding myself have to user FileMaker in many cases when I don’t really want to. Filemaker allows for free standalone solutions where you can add inputs but can’t change the model structure.