Update Category Tray Filter of Matrix Based off the Mouse Click Selection In Another

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I suppose this may be rather straight forward, but I’m having troubles as I am new to scripting in Quantrix.

I have the following 2 matricies. MarketingSpecificSpend…. and EventForecastMonthlyForecast. They share the linked category EventID. I want to make a selection with my mouse in MarketingSpecificSpend…Matrix and have it change the Filter Tray for Event ID in the EventForecastMonthlyForecastMatrix, make sense. So in the screen shot I would want EventForecastMonthlyForecast to show EventID “Event1” because that is what I have selected in MarketingSpecificSpend_InputAssumptions. I know there is a way to do it if EventID is also brought into the filter tray of the MarketingSpecificSpend…Matrix, but I really don’t want to do that.

I think I know the scripting code to change the filter tray value, I’m running into troubles on how to identify what EventID is selected in MarketingSpecificSpend_InputAssumptions. In VBA this would be much like the activecell functionality.

Any thoughts?



Option 2 works for me. In the meantime I had created a work around using a filter column in the header data. This was then married to the details matrix and a filter applied to only show those records that are indicated as “YES” in the header filter column. See the attache model example.

This isn’t script based nor is it automatic as it still requires manual entry. One advantage of using this method in this particular instance over what you suggested is that if I want to view multiple items in the details I can do so.

Many thanks for the insight and solution.

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