Hide empty rows is hiding rows with 0

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I have a strange problem: when I hide empty rows in a matrix (same happens to its table view) rows with inputs 0 are hidden together with empty cells. Those 0s are valid inputs and are formatted as a percent or a number.

Why is this happening? I’d appreciate any suggestions how to fix this.

Btw, I’m using Quantrix v5.0.



Hi – thanks for writing.

Zero’s hide automatically by default when you use the Hide empty rows and columns control. Some people prefer that behavior and others do not.

We have created a way to change this via a system property but I would prefer not to post the property on the forum. I believe your organization is on maintenance so you could you email this request to [email:1wxdwfnf]support@quantrix.com[/email:1wxdwfnf]? Our support desk will pick this up and assist you in changing your system property so zero’s don’t hide.

I think it is probably a good idea to expose this control in the Quantrix UI. We will consider that for a future release.