Time Line Recurrence Formula

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Hi all,
I’m using the new time line category but I’ve a problem with the recurrence formula.
FORMULA: Cumulated Costs=”Total Cost:Month[THIS]+Cumulated Costs:Month[PREV]”

In this way QM calculates the progression also in January of the next year but, as it’s not a cash flow but a sum of annual costs, it would stop in december.


Thank you so much.


Hi all.

I also met this problem when I tested QM5.1 in January 2014.
Empirically I found a solution by using the one formula. In your case the formula looks like this:

[SIZE=”2″][font=”Lucida Console”]Cumulated Costs = Total Cost:Month + Cumulated Costs:Month[~PREV][b:2wql22dd]:Year[THIS][/b:2wql22dd][/font][/SIZE]

I hope, it will help you.

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