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Is there an updated list of shortcut keys? It seems that the list in the help file could use an update. For instance alt + b is not listed as a way to open and close the model browser. Also since this is a functional shortcut it would also be nice if it were listed in the “view” menu much like that for the format tool box “F3”.


Thanks Kathy. Please note that on the OSX version and the Windows version (via Parallels), some of the standard text input keyboard shortcuts, namely Skip to prev/next word and select next/prev word don’t exist at all. I’m only able to skip from start to end of the input. Please be sure to add these helpful commands in too.

Also, the "skip to next/prev word" logic should be different than conventional logic in say MS Word. I’d suggest when you skip forward or back, you skip to the next word after a space, AND/OR after a ., : or :: . That makes it easier to select logical "names" within formulas.

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