Presentation Canvas mapped to page size and printing issues

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I’m working with a presentation canvas and want to print it to a PDF. I have a couple of questions.

How does the canvas decide “how big” graphs and matrices are in the canvas so that it can place the page breaks? Can I change that?

Why doesn’t it seem to pay attention when I do a Print Setup to 1 page down 1 page across? I end up with the canvas being cut off and a strange grey area around it.

I’ve attached relevant images. Thanks for your help!


Thanks for info. But in terms of page breaks being effective, when I do a print preview of 1×1 I get that weird cutoff in the images attached to the original post. So I’m wondering why it doesn’t seem to obey that directive for the canvas.



Hello Mark,

It might help you to know that the page breaks on the canvas are only effective if you are using the scaling option and not fit to x by x pages. You can change the scaling to less than 100% to get your charts to fit within the page breaks. You can also add your own page breaks but manually added page breaks can only be closer together than the default – you can not move them outward (hopefully that makes sense).

Hope this helps!

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