Java error when trying to connect to SQL Server database

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I came across an issue when trying to execute a DataPush or Datalink.
The error I’m receiving is: “connection failed java.util.concurrent.executionexception: java.lang.runtimeexception: com.subx.general.core.iapi.xl.XMLException: While parsing []”.

I reinstalled the jtds_1.2.5.jar driver, but still couldn’t connect.
And its only occurring with one laptop. Other users aren’t having this issue.

The Quantrix model was running successfully a few days ago.



Yes, I have a resolution for this.
I had to uninstall/resinstall Quantrix.
I also renamed the .quantrix and .subx folders so a new one is recreated. Not sure if that made a difference.


Carl – just wondering if you were able to resolve this issue? Nothing immediate comes to mind in regards to a resolution but just wanted to reach out…

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