Help not current for Data Source Wizard in 5.1

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The help screens for the Data Source Wizard regarding configuring JDBC (Integrating Data>DataNAV>Configuring DataNAV Sources>JDBC/ODBC Data Source – DataNAV) show a screen example with a dialog box with tabs for Columns, Tables, Qualifiers and SQL that does not show up in version 5.1. The screen I get has no tabs and a check box entitled “Discover table joins automatically.” However it doesn’t discover the joins automatically. I go to Help and it says to fix that problem I need to use the tabs that don’t exist in version 5.1. So how to fix?


Hi John – to get those options you need to choose a ‘DataNav Local Datasource’. This option allows you to more precisely configure an incoming data stream with the options provided. The DataNav functionality is largely the same, but the data populates a local columnstore database used exclusively by the Quantrix system. The first option goes directly against the tables in the database.


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