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This is a bit late, but I’d like to see if someone can help me figure out the correct formulas.

For those who aren’t familiar, SuperBowl Squares is a game where you get a reward for correctly guessing the score of the Superbowl at the end of each quarter. Some pools allow you to choose your square, others assign them to you.

In the attached model, I’ve set up the Super Bowl squares for my office in a matrix. You can then see I made a matrix that calculates the last digit for scores in each quarter. I’m just trying to figure out the formula to lookup the names based on the digits to show the winners.

I’m thinking the formula would be a LOOKUP or SELECT formula, but I don’t know how to lookup or select along more than one dimension.

Thanks for any/all help.




Hi Walker,
please find in the attachment a revised version of your model a formula for doing the lookup on two dimensions. I went for “using as”, because it gives a cleaner formula, making good use of linked categories in the various matrices. You can also use select on a composite key obtained by concatenating the two digits.
Kind reagrds,

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