And again: Names in Cyrillic in the Formula Editor. This time for the QM5.1.0

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To Quantrix staff.

The QM5.1’s Formula Editor does not use [color=”Blue”][b:3vs4klpt]BLUE [/b:3vs4klpt][/color]Color to highlight Cyrillic Names of Matrices, Categories & Items. For Cyrillic Parts of the Formula the Formula Editor uses [b:3vs4klpt][color=”Black”]BLACK [/color][/b:3vs4klpt]Color instead [b:3vs4klpt][color=”Blue”]BLUE [/color][/b:3vs4klpt]one. Such Syntax Highlighting does NOT make Formulas easier to read while they are edited.

I ask you this Question for the [u:3vs4klpt]third[/u:3vs4klpt] time: in this Context, must a Model Structure be described on [b:3vs4klpt]Romance languages[/b:3vs4klpt] only?

Is this special QM’s feature, because you did not correct it at [b:3vs4klpt]QM4.x[/b:3vs4klpt], [b:3vs4klpt]QM5.x[/b:3vs4klpt] and [b:3vs4klpt]QM5.1[/b:3vs4klpt]?

N.B. I’m testing the QM5.1.0 on the MS Windows 7 PC.


Chinese matrices, categories and item names don’t show in Blue either. And on OSX you can’t even type Chinese item names – the romanized pinyin codes you type appear but not the corresponding Chinese words.

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