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I work on a iMac and after upgrading to version 5.1 I have a problem printing my matrices: when I see my print preview I don’t have the colors (font and fill) and the fonts I use in the matrix.

Any solution?



I’ve run into this problem too. It’s not just print preview — if you are creating PDF files, they are affected too. It affects both matrices and presentation canvases.

Quantrix seems to be reproducing all text as 12pt Helvetica (regular). However, it’s laying it out according to the metrics of the chosen font. Hence columns of figures don’t line up, and some digits tend to be occluded by the column lines.

Here’s a partial workaround, if you need to get some output that’s at least partially aligned, and don’t care about fonts, emboldening, etc.: Tell Quantrix to format everything as 12pt Helvetica regular (or Arial, which has the same metrics).

Cheers, Paul.

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