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Anyone using Quantrix 5.1 for project finance scenarios?

I don’t believe there is a built-in way to create a period 0 (year 0, month 0, etc) in the timeline. In project finance, this is usually where you put the initial investment (outflow).

Anyone have any experience or thoughts on how to include the initial investment or have a period 0 with the new timeline function?

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We’re in similar boats. I just started using Quantrix myself, but based on my understanding the only way would be to create a period before your actual project start date and enter your starting values there. Then you’d have to manually hide all the other periods you don’t want to see in every matrix that timeline was linked to. Ugly, but that appears to be The Quantrix Way…

For example, if you have a Timeline with a Year category, with [b:10r8x8ex]intended[/b:10r8x8ex] starting date 2014/01, and a Months category below that, then you’d have to actually define your starting date to be 20[b:10r8x8ex][u:10r8x8ex]13[/u:10r8x8ex][/b:10r8x8ex]/01, input your period 0 data in 2013 December, then hide 2013 Jan thru Nov everywhere that uses this Timeline. Oh, and hide 2013 entirely in any matrices that show your Project Years

The other way you could do it is by defining a separate Matrix with no Timeline (let’s call it 0Matrix), with a linked categor(ies) (so that the Items are identical to the Matrix you want to populate with post-period 0 data). This way is cleaner from a presentation standpoint, but then your formulas will be a lot messier since you can’t naturally take advantage of [prev] features to refer to the corresponding values in 0Matrix for the 1st period.

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