Quantrix 5.1

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Hi all,
last week I received a mail in which was written that in 6 January version 5.1 would be released.

I’m trying to update with no success.




[quote="Carlo Capasso":2i1b76ps]Thank you Mike, update successfully completed.
Another question: the new Qloud Service is included in my License?

Hi Carlo – If you have an annual maintenance and support contract for desktop Quantrix Modeler version 5 license(s), you will receive a pro-rated Qloud subscription key in the near future that will allow interactive Qloud access. All users can publish and get view-only access to the Qloud.

To learn more about the Qloud you can view our [b:2i1b76ps][url=http://www.quantrix.com/Quantrix_Qloud.htm:2i1b76ps]on-line video demonstration[/url:2i1b76ps][/b:2i1b76ps].

You can purchase Qloud license keys for yourself and others in our [b:2i1b76ps][url=http://www.quantrix.com/store.htm:2i1b76ps]on-line store[/url:2i1b76ps][/b:2i1b76ps].

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