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Hi all,
last week I received a mail in which was written that in 6 January version 5.1 would be released.

I’m trying to update with no success.





To upgrade please do the following:

– Uninstall your current 5.0 application via Start > All Programs > Quantrix > uninstall Quantrix (On OS X, move the Quantrix application to the trash)
– Click on this link to access the download area


– Login with your My Quantrix account
– Once logged in, choose your platform and click ‘I Accept’

Your download should begin. After download, double-click the file and follow the on-screen prompts to install.

You will get a Quantrix Download Confirmation email in your inbox with a serial number. You can disregard as your 5.0 activation will work with 5.1.

Please contact [email:3ftmobem]support@quantrix.com[/email:3ftmobem] if you have any problems.[/quote:3ftmobem]
Thank you Mike, update successfully completed.
Another question: the new Qloud Service is included in my License?

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