Sort and filter a Canvas Filter Tray Category

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I have a category of Products which is in the Filter Tray of a presentation canvas.

There are four different tasks that users perform, and each task prioritises certain Products to be actioned first. For example, one task might be to work on the top selling products, another might be the lowest in stock, and so on.

I want to use the same canvas for all the tasks.

My challenge is to give the user an easy way to work the Products in a certain order.

For example, one idea:
1. User identifies a table view of Products that are already sorted and filtered the way they want.
2. The script identifies the order of the visibly sorted/filter items in the table view category.
3. Next/Previous buttons on the canvas enable the user to move from one product to another in the correct order.

#2 is something I can’t see how to do in scripting. Is there a way to determine the visible order of items in a filtered and sorted category?


I think having a model author predefine both the filter and the sort would be an OK start. If I did have items within a given category that defined the filter flag, how would the script cycle through the items from top to bottom?

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