freeze Columns??

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I wanna freeze the first column of the matrix, so I can browse through the matrix without moving the first column.

I allready grouped, the column of the category from the bottom left with the first column and doesn´t work the best way for me. so I was thinking to freeze the first column it´s the best option in my case.


Hello Carlo,
I recently posted this reply regarding freezing panes on the canvas. While this example is “freezing” along rows, the same can be applied to columns.
Quantrix doesn’t currently have a “freeze panes” feature. Due to the dynamic nature of rows and columns, as well as item position, this could be tricky to implement. However, you can utilize snapped views on the Presentation Canvas to mimic the freezing of rows or columns.
In the attached sample, I have added to views of the same table to the canvas. In the first table, I selected the item “Total” and collapsed all other rows. In the second table, I collapsed only the Total item. I then snapped the two views together with the “Total” on top: Hold the CTRL key and select both tables, Right-click > View Snap > Snap Vertically. With scroll bars turned on, the bottom table becomes scroll-able while the top “row” remains static.

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