Charts and Qloud

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I want to know, how can I add a new axis in a 2D charts?


I made a canvas in a quantrix model, in which I hide some tables for the sliders and when I sent it to the qloud, the tables appear again.

How can I hide also in the qloud view?


Ing. Carlos Manuel Lopez Gibson


Thanks to the Quantrix support I found out what was my problem with the qloud.

And it is simple, I was hidden the matrix by the wrong way in the canvas. The right way to hide the matrix, is: select the matrix (which you wanna hide) –> Canvas object (in format toolbox) –> Check the box “Hidden”.

Once again Thanks to the Quantrix support departament.


Carlos, we’ve tested your Qloud question, and it appears to be working for us… would you be willing to send your model to [email:313hqvsq][/email:313hqvsq] so we can take a look at it and see if we can figure out what’s happening in your model? Thanks!


I already found out how to add a new axis.

You have to click in the chart the series you want to connect to the new axis, in the format toollbox you will appear new option “legend item”, there you can change the series type, the axis, color, etc.