Fuzzy/Blurry Fonts

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Hi, I’ve noticed that the characters in quantrix models appear fuzzy, not as sharp as in other programs. I’ve noticed this for a while (since the first version of quantrix I used), and am curious whether it’s something to do with my monitor resolution or something else. It’s not dramatic, everything is legible, but characters are not as sharp as in excel, browsers etc.

I’ve observed this across
[*:1r4oecnc] Monitors (macbook, thinkpad, desktops)[/*:m:1r4oecnc]
[*:1r4oecnc] Op Systems (iOS, Windows)[/*:m:1r4oecnc]
[*:1r4oecnc] Fonts (Arial, etc)[/*:m:1r4oecnc]
[*:1r4oecnc] Resolution settings (macbook retina, various pc settings)[/*:m:1r4oecnc][/list:u:1r4oecnc]

Not the end of the world, but I’m curious if other people notice it and what the reason for it is.


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