Automatically sizing column widths

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I’t be nice if column widths could be set to automatically resize on update or when changing views or filters.

Also, the present method of autoresizing by double clicking just to the right of the column header is pretty buggy. It is really difficult to get the mouse pointer in the precise spot the program demands that it be in to work because there seems to be a bad lag while the program switches between mouse pointer shapes. And then the program seems to dislike my too fast double-click speed. Finally after doing all this it still leaves some columns too narrow to display their numbers, and this is with the default font and font size.

So when I want to see what’s in a column, I have to futz with getting the cursor in exactly the right place, then double click unnaturally slowly, only to have to manually drag the width to a wider setting to see long numbers (usually negatives) that were left in too narrow a column to see.

Thus, it’d be nice to have a setting where all this is done without all those steps.


I think what John (and I) would really like is a checkbox option to let columns and rows automatically resize [b:12z7u1bf][u:12z7u1bf]as data changes[/u:12z7u1bf][/b:12z7u1bf] (or in the case of rows, as you change the font size).


Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback on the user interface. We will take a look at the gesture for auto-sizing columns. We have not experienced errors in the auto-size algorithm however. If you have a specific case where auto-size does not produce the correct sizing, I would encourage you to contact support so we can get all the information we need to correct the problem.
We appreciate your support of the product.


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